Kentucky Home Birth Coalition

Update for February 8, 2016

When navigating a bill through the legislative process, there is more to be done than contact legislators (although that is a huge part!).  Another major part of the process is communication with other groups and organizations that may have an interest in the bill.  SB85 is no exception to this. Beginning in November 2015 when a draft of our bill became available, our lobbyists began sharing the draft with other organizations for their feedback.  Some organizations were quick to respond,…

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Valerie’s Birth Story

We are happy to share Kristi’s Dorton, Kentucky home birth of Valerie Lynn, as posted on The Birthing Year.  Thank you, Cristin for allowing us to link to the story.  And thank you Kristi for sharing your beautiful story with us! “Following up on my post from yesterday about the option of giving birth at home in our little part of the state, I wanted to share the birth story of a friend of mine who chose that option for…

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