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Is home birth legal in Kentucky?

One question we are frequently asked is whether or not it is legal to have a home birth in Kentucky.  There is a lot of confusion on this topic, so we will do our best to clarify things. There are no laws in Kentucky that specify where a baby can or cannot be born.  We’ve all seen a news story where a baby is born on the side of the road while on the way to the hospital (or some…

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Finding a Home Birth Midwife in Kentucky

The current status of midwifery in Kentucky can often make it difficult for families to find a home birth midwife in their area.  Below are some tips and resources to assist you in your efforts. The #1 way to locate a midwife is by word of mouth.  Seek out other home birth families in your area. Talk to local doulas and childbirth educators.  They often will be connected to other birth professionals in the area, including midwives. Look for places…

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