All activities of the Kentucky Birth Coalition are coordinated by volunteers from around the state.  Funding for activities comes from the support of individuals like you.

You can support the Kentucky Birth Coalition with a one-time contribution or a recurring donation.

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Pretty Peaceful Etsy Shop

Years ago, an original KBC volunteer, Susan Kennedy, decided to teach herself to crochet in order to raise funds for KBC. Soon Susan started creating custom crochet patterns and selling them on Etsy. The patterns have been immensely popular and bring in income every month. Susan’s creations have been featured in crochet magazines around the world. All proceeds from her Etsy shop, Pretty Peaceful, benefit KBC. You can participate by purchasing an item or pattern, or by donating handmade items to be sold in the shop.  To find out more about donating items, contact Susan Kennedy.

Born at Home Apparel & KHBC Logo Merchandise

born at home

Your child can proudly tell the world they were born at home with cute apparel from our CafePress store.  The store also features many items with the KHBC Logo.

Organize a Fundraiser

Supporters all around the state have organized fundraisers of all kinds to benefit KBC.  These might be a movie screening, a yard sale, or a rebate night at a local restaurant.  There is no limit to the types of events that can be organized.  If you would like to organize a fundraiser in your area, let us know!

View Past Fundraisers

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