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Frankie’s Home Birth Story | Campbellsville, KY

Thank you for sharing your story, Crystal! There I was, four days past my “due date” on a very hot August night. My husband was working in the room next to me, and I was bouncing away on my exercise ball. I stood up and had a twinge of pain that stopped me in my tracks; I had no idea that was the start of my labor. We began to eat supper while watching our favorite show. I was so…

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The Home Birth of Greta

Thanks to Anna for sharing the October 2013 Kentucky home birth story of Greta Mae.  Greta was born in Covington, KY. ___________________________________ For some reason, everyone thought I’d have my 2nd baby a little early.  Causal acquaintances, family members, friends – all predicted this one would appear before her due date.  My son had been born just a few days before his due date, so it seemed reasonable this one would be similar.  Well, turns out my sweet little girl…

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The Home Birth of Hazel

Thank you to Carolina for sharing the 2011 Kentucky home birth story of Hazel.  Hazel was born in Pikeville, KY.  Her full birth story is on Carolina’s blog, Life Through the Looking Glass, so click on over there to read the whole thing! —————————————————————- “Few things in my life have had an impact as profound as the birth of my daughter. Hazel May came into this world quickly, after weeks of prodromal labor and 9 months of an uncomfortable pregnancy.…

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