Patrick, born at home in London, KY

I had been given two different due dates that were over 10 days apart during the course of my pregnancy, so I really had no expectation of when our baby would arrive. When I was woken up by contractions at 7am on Monday morning (right between my two due dates), I was super excited! Craig had already left for work, so I figured that I should stay in bed and rest while I could. By 8am, I realized I would…

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Brigid’s Kentucky Birth

I floated through several more contractions, none of them as painful as the very first ones I had with Graham. About thirty minutes later, I felt them get more acute and pointed in the front of my stomach. I’d had such awful back labor with Graham that this was a new feeling. It wasn’t awful, but it was enough that I said, “Owwwwwwwwwww” through it and them, “Okay, that one really really hurt.” Please head over to Brigid’s blog to…

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Newborn Exam

Isaac’s Home Birth

Thank you, Mary Kathryn, for sharing Isaac’s Louisville-area Birth Story! Our second son, Isaac, was born at home in November 2013.  He was our second planned home birth, but our first born at home.  His big brother, Henry, who was born in 2011, was also a planned home birth.  However, when I experienced PROM (premature rupture of membranes) just shy of 36 weeks with Henry, we decided after careful discussion with our midwife to go to the hospital just in…

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