Leacoln Bale

Rosie’s Home Birth | Oakland, KY

The birth of a baby is such a special thing. The care you get and the environment for bringing your child into the world is important, so I encourage everyone (having a healthy, low-risk pregnancy) to choose what they are most comfortable with and drawn to, taking into consideration what kind of birth they envision.

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Switching from Hospital to Home Birth during KY’s COVID-19 Outbreak

If you have planned a hospital birth but are now considering home birth due to the COVID-19 virus or the recent change in your hospital’s support person/visitor policy, this post is for you! Planning a home birth for the first time will have you asking lots of questions, but quickly switching to a planned home birth during a pandemic is an entirely different predicament. The first question many ask is, “Where do I find a midwife?” or, “Is home birth…

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