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Today, House Bill 578 was introduced. What is HB578? House Bill 578, or “HB578” is what is known as a “companion bill” to Senate Bill 85.  Both bills have essentially identical content, but HB578 is starting in the House of Representatives, whereas SB85 began in the Senate. Why two bills? Having two bills gives us two “chances” to pass legislation.  Each bill has to pass through its respective starting chamber (which can involve several steps along the way, as we’ve…

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Lobbying Day Tomorrow!

KHBC is holding another lobbying day in Frankfort! We will be meeting face to face with Senators to discuss SB85. This is the perfect time to meet with your legislator and have support with you, including steering committee members and/or members of our lobbying team. Let KHBC be your Frankfort-Doula when you meet with your Senator! For the Facebook event, and up-to-the-minute info click here. We want as many supporters as possible from all across the state to join us.…

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February 18 Action Items

Action Item ONE  Thank the Senate Health & Welfare Committee members who voted YES – via Twitter – via Facebook – phone message – handwritten letter – all of the above Sen. Alvarado – No Sen. Buford – Yes Sen. Danny Carroll – No Sen. J. Carrol – Yes Sen. Kerr – Yes Sen. Givens – Yes Sen. Thomas – Yes Sen. Wise – Yes Sen. Adams – Yes Sen. Harper Angel – Yes Sen. Higdon – Yes Action Item…

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