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Public Comment Period Open for CPM Regulations

The passage of SB84 in 2019 was step one towards having licensure available for Certified Professional Midwives. Step two is the creation and implementation of administrative regulations. Administrative regulations go into more detail in order to implement various statutes. Because SB84 placed oversight of CPMs under the Kentucky Board of Nursing, that is the agency that will promulgate the regulations. The regulations were drafted by the CPM Advisory Council and Transfer Guidelines Work Group and approved by the Board of…

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Inaugural CPM Advisory Council Appointed

Senate Bill 84, now enacted into law, called for the creating of a Certified Professional Midwives Advisory Council under the Kentucky Board of Nursing. On August 8, members of the Kentucky Board of Nursing voted on appointees to the Council. Selections were made from among names of interested individuals who had expressed interest in serving. The appointees are as follows:Elizabeth Regan, CPM- Certified Professional Midwife MemberJenny Fardink, CPM- Certified Professional Midwife MemberMeghan Nowland, CPM- Certified Professional Midwife MemberSara Ferguson, APRN,…

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