I had a home birth on 10/29/2015 in Pikeville, KY. I loved my midwife Joanna and my homeburth. It is an amazing thing to experience. I was in control of MY birth. She made sure i was the center focus, and I was thw main concern besides the baby. You get so close and personal and truly bond with your midwife because she is the only person you see besides her students, but she is there through it all. I didn’t have people telling me I could walk or I couldn’t eat. I would rather have a Homebirth than a hospital birth any day! I had my first child in the hospital so I’m going to compare and contrast the different experiences. In the hospital they come in every hour to see if your dialated, but I have researched this and it actually gives you higher chances of getting an infection and resulting in c-section. At home my midwife checked me 3 times. Once when she got here, 2nd time about 4 hours into labor because I asked her to, and the last time when I wanted to push to make sure I was dilated enough. Less checking made my experience a little better. In the hospital after your water breaks you can’t move at all! You can’t sit on the edge of the bed, you can’t get up and walk around, but I have researched this as well and it helps baby to pass if mom can move her hips to help baby get into position. At home you move however you want. If you just want to sit there, you just sit, if you want to walk you walk, if you’re like me and just rock back and forth on your hips that’s fine too. The bonding time is GREAT! After I had my second child (homebirth) she was immediately placed on my chest body fluids, blood, and all. Something about that just clicked in my head and I LOVED that. My first child did not smell my scent first, he smelled the nurses and the doctor first, when all I wanted was my baby on me. If people can’t see the difference a Homebirth revolves around the mother and what the mother wants, a hospital birth is what the doctors and nurse feel comfortable with doing, which isn’t right.

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