Bill Update and Action Alert! Good morning everyone. Yesterday our bill, SB106 was sent to the Health and Welfare Committee in the Senate! Now our job is to convince the members of H & W that they need to hear our bill. That means… more phone calls! Today we need you to call and leave a message for ALL the members of the H & W committee! It will just take 5 minutes of your time and could change KY history FOREVER!

Committee members:
Sen. Julie Denton
Sen. David Givens
Sen. Joe Bowen
Sen. Tom Buford -our sponsor
Sen. Julian M. Carroll
Sen. Perry B. Clark
Sen. Denise Harper Angel- our co-sponsor
Sen. Jimmy Higdon
Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr
Sen. Kathy Stein
Sen. Katie Stine

When you call the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181 they will ask for your information. Please leave a message for “all the members of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee”.  Leave the message ” I want the Health and Welfare committee to hear and pass SB106 “The Midwives Bill”.  If any of the committee members above are your senator make sure to mention that in the call!

Every phone call you make puts us one step closer to achieving our goal. Report back and encourage friends to do the same!

We will be in Frankfort tomorrow and hope to hear some buzz about the flood of phone calls from KHBC supporters today!