My name is Jennifer Olliges. I was born and raised in Louisville, KY, where I currently live with my partner and our three girls, two of which were born at home. Right now I am grateful to be able to be at home with my children, doing things I love like baking, cooking, gardening, hiking and teaching my girls about the slow, simple, joyful things in life.


I received my midwifery education in El Paso, TX, and after meeting my man there I decided to stay. I received my CPM and then my LM and worked in an out of hospital birth center. After living in El Paso for six years we decided to move back to Kentucky. The striking contrast between desert Texas and lush Kentucky was undeniable in many ways, one of which was midwifery regulations. In Texas midwives can be reimbursed by medicaid and here they can be arrested for providing the same services. I knew this work of licensing midwives was part of our new life.

I have been involved with KHBC since it’s creation and do a variety of things to support… designing info sheets and presentations, working on the website/ Facebook pages, and lobbying legislators. I also had the good fortune to travel to community meetings around the state and meet other Kentuckians who are  committed to protecting a woman’s right to birth where she chooses and a midwife’s right to practice her profession. It was inspiring to see the physical beauty of our state and be reminded of the wealth of beautiful people who are working for positive change in our commonwealth.

If you are not already involved, I hope you will join us in our effort. Sign up for our email alerts and schedule a meeting with your legislators to talk ask them to support  for Certified Professional Midwives!