Fact Sheets

Use our fact sheets to help educate friends, family, and representatives:

General Information
2019 Legislation Talking Points– An overview handout that can be given to legislators or anyone
Quick Facts

Contacting Legislators
Meeting with Your Legislators– A guide on how to set up and conduct a meeting with a legislator
Writing to Your Legislators– A guide on writing to legislators with sample language for inspiration

How a Bill Becomes a Law in Kentucky

Certified Professional Midwife Training and Info
Certified Professional Midwives
What Health Organizations Say About Certified Professional Midwives
Midwifery Care
CPM Educational Requirements

For more on CPM educational requirements, visit our page on CPM Education & Training

Home Birth Safety
Evidence on Home Birth Safety (Dekker)
Safety of Home Birth (2014)
Safety of Home Birth (2005)

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