Have you already started receiving holiday cards in your mailbox?   Whether or not you participate in this seasonal tradition, it provides a perfect opportunity to make contact with your state legislators.

We are asking every KHBC supporter to mail two cards– one to your state senator, and one to your state representative.  To find your state legislators, you can go to votesmart.org and search by your zip code.  The information will be under “State Legislature.”  Remember that you are looking for your state senator and state representative, not federal.  You can click on each legislator to find their biographical and contact information, which is where you will find the mailing address for their home office.  Look for the address listed as “District.”

Any card will do- a holiday card, a greeting card, or even a customized card with a photo of your family (including your home birthed babies!).

What should you write on the card?  Here is one suggestion:

Looking forward to working with you in 2013.

Sign your name
Kentucky Home Birth Coalition – working to license certified professional midwives in Kentucky

If you are using a card with a photo of your family or children, feel free to include children’s names, ages, and note that they were born at home.  If they were not born at home, you can just leave that portion out.

Address your card to the home office of your legislator (see above on how to find the address), put a stamp on it, and drop it in the mail!

Writing cards a steering committee meeting.

At the November 30 KHBC Steering Committee meeting, attendees wrote cards to be mailed to all legislators.  Even the babies got in on the card action!