Thank you to Kayla for sharing the 2013 birth story of Lyndon.  Lyndon was born at home in Florence, Kentucky


April 26th, 2013 at 5:57pm we happily welcomed Lyndon Spencer into our amazing family weighing in at 8lbs 11oz and 21′ long. This is his story.

Lyndon is our second boy.  Our first son, Mason, is now one year old (he was 11 months at the time of his brother’s birth). My whole pregnancy with Mason I had planned on natural delivery and peaceful experience until we arrived at the hospital and things did not go as planned. From that time on I knew I would never birth the same.

When finding out I was pregnant again at only two months post partum I knew I did not want my previous birth experience to be repeated, so I started looking into home birth. I found a mutual friend through my sister in law that actually knew a Midwife. After meeting and hiring her, she took over my care.

My second pregnancy was very different from my my first.  I was always sick, so I was convinced it was a girl this time around! I had prenatal visits with my midwife once a month where everything looked perfect. Having a midwife for my second pregnancy actually changed my life for the better! I didn’t feel like I was just another belly in an office filled with c-section happy doctors. I was in my home safe, comfortable, and with my family. I learned from my midwife how to eat healthy, how to take care of myself properly, and how to raise a healthy, toxic free family and everything has been perfect.

Leading up to my son’s birth day I was getting sore, tired and ready to have my baby. As I woke up April 26th, I thought there was no way I was having a baby that day; I didn’t have that “feeling.” I am blessed to be a stay at home mom, so once noon hit I knew it was nap time for Mason.  I laid down with him, and after a two hour nap we finally woke up to have a snack and play some more.

I remember sitting down on the couch at about 2:10 thinking my Braxton Hicks contractions were getting a bit too strong, so I called my husband to complain about the pain. It took me a good hour of contractions getting stronger and stronger to finally believe I was in actual labor.

I sat on the floor playing cars with my son as I called my midwife,  mom, mother-in-law, and birth photographer to let them know this was it. It was so calming to be in my own house with no rush to be anywhere. It was peaceful.

Kayla in laborMy husband soon arrived home from work to help me set up our birth pool and to help welcome in family as they got to the house. Two hours into labor (about 4pm) my midwife showed up and I got into the pool to help relieve some pain. We all sat around listening to Klove radio and chit-chatted about this and that.

My mother-in0law had gotten Mason asleep during this time in the other room, so I was not worried about getting loud during my contractions.  I hummed the whole time with a passion!

At about 5:30pm, I had my husband by my head and my mom in the pool with me as I finally feel like I need to push. I only pushed for maybe 30 minutes, but it was the hardest I had worked in my life! As I looked down and saw my baby being born, so peaceful in his own home surrounded by love and family, I knew this is how I was made to birth!

At 5:56pm my life was complete, I had just accomplished the hardest, most beautiful and amazing thing I have ever been through.

As a woman we should get the right to birth the way we want, the way birth was made to be with access to midwifery care throughout the state.