Thanks to Gidget for sharing the 2012 Kentucky home birth story of Margo.  Margo was born in Louisville, KY.  You can read the margoentire birth story on Gidget’s blog, blueberries for breakfast.

“Most of nature, in my eyes, appears to have a scientific order about it, a predictability of sorts.  Birth does not follow this rule; birth is nothing if not completely unpredictable.  One can know every medical and scientific truth regarding the functionality of birth, yet it is all meaningless while one is actually giving birth.   It is the epitome of nature, and simultaneously feels completely unnatural.  Perhaps it is many years of indoctrination and removal from nature that make me feel this way.  Perhaps it is just too close to God for my comfort zone.   Regardless, I feel a little more human now.”

Read the full birth story here.