Thanks to Stephanie for sharing the story and slideshow of Vance’s Simpsonville, Kentucky home birth.


I am sharing the birth slideshow from my 2nd son’s birth.  My first birth was at a university hospital where I had quite a trying labor: pit-induced with no pain medicine and no idea what I was doing. If I had not had my husband and doula there, I am certain I would have had a c-section as the staff there had no idea how to support a woman in labor in this way.  The doctor on call was a doctor I had never met before and generally let me alone until she thought I was not progressing (I had been in active labor for 8 hours at this point); I had to fight for a natural vaginal birth in that hospital.  When I became pregnant with my second son, there was no other option for me than a home birth as there were no birth centers in my area. And, of course with a home birth knew I would be allowed to labor on my own with the support of my CNM, my doula, my husband and the most important women in my family.  It was an amazing experience and I am so glad we did our research and avoided another hospital birth.

Thank you for letting me share my slideshow with others; it always makes me smile to see the most positive side of birth–powerful, educated women taking their births back.