Thanks so much to Brandy for sharing this story and photos from the Murray, Kentucky home birth of Zechariah.  This story is posted in full on Brandy’s blog, Living a Full Life, so click on over there to read the entire story!



“I continued to labor and then what happened next could only be described as a God-hug.  The music was playing through the house.  We were all sitting in the living room and a song I hadn’t heard before came on called You are for Me by Kari Jobe.  Words can simply do no justice to describe the overwhelming presence of God I felt through this song.  My spirit just felt Jesus saying, “I’m here…I know this hurts, but I’m here with you through it all.”  I cried through the song.  Turns out later that everyone thought I was crying because of pain.  Oh, but it was a special moment and my favorite part of this labor.  God is so big, and yet so intimate. I wish everyone could experience what it is to go through a journey, a challenging journey of labor and walk in it with God.  It is transforming! “


Read the complete story on Brandy’s blog!