What Is Lobby Day and Why Is It Important?

Every year, KHBC plans a “Lobby Day” in which supporters from all across Kentucky meet collectively in Frankfort on one designated day to speak with their legislators about home birth midwifery. This year, our date is February 13, 2019. This organized effort and unified show of support communicates to our Senators and Representatives that midwifery is, in fact, a crucial issue in Kentucky. This is your chance to share your story and communicate face-to-face why home birth is important to you and your family. 

How To Get Involved

We want you and your whole family to be involved! First, visit Kentucky Home Birth Coalition’s Facebook page to RSVP to the Lobby Day event. We will post updates and information there as it becomes available. Information will also be posted in our Updates Group, which is linked on our Facebook page under the Community Tab. Second, If you plan to attend Lobby Day, you must fill out a quick digital form so KHBC volunteers will have the appropriate information to schedule a meeting with your legislators. It’s that simple. You fill out the form, we do the leg work! If you do not have social media, you can sign up for email updates by visiting www.kentuckyhomebirthcoalition.com and joining our mailing list.
We do our very best to make sure that anyone who wants to participate can come. In the past, we have raised money for gas cards, organized carpools, and arranged over night stays in homes close to Frankfort so supporters had a chance to tell their stories to legislators. 

Finally, if you’d like to be involved but cannot attend the actual Lobby Day, we usually coordinate small gifts of cookies for legislators. You can contribute to this completely online. More information will be posted on our social media at the appropriate time. 

What To Expect

KHBC has already compiled detailed instructions on how to get to the Capitol, where to park, and how to get to the Annex building. These instructions can be found on our website, but we will repost them in several places as Lobby Day approaches.

Upon arrival KHBC supporters will gather in a designated room of the Capitol Annex Building. This room will serve as our “home base.” It’s a place you can hang out in before, after, or between your meetings with legislators. We provide print outs of meeting times and talking points. It’s important to note that you WILL NOT be sent to meetings alone. A KHBC volunteer will always accompany you. Sometimes legislators may ask questions that you don’t know the answer to. That is okay! That is when the KHBC volunteer will step in. Your only job is to communicate why midwifery and home birth matters to you.

This is a family friendly event and we encourage you to bring your children. We try to organize child care for at least part of the day, based on the needs of attendees. You are also more than welcome to take your children to meetings with you. You know your children best, and you know whether or not they will do well in meetings. After your meetings are over, you’re free to spend the day touring and learning about the Capitol. After all, advocacy and education go hand in hand!

Make An Impact

We strongly encourage you to participate in this event. A unified front of families leaves a lasting impression on the minds of our Senators and Representatives. Our supporters do a wonderful job of faithfully mailing letters and making calls to legislators to make sure this issue is heard. However, the sacrifice of taking off work, interrupting daily life, and traveling from all across the state to stand in unity on one day shows how determined we are to see our midwives licensed and practicing openly. We ask you to please join us in 2019! 

If you have questions or would like more information, visit www.kentuckyhomebirthcoalition.com or email info@kentuckyhomebirthcoalition.com.