When navigating a bill through the legislative process, there is more to be done than contact legislators (although that is a huge part!).  Another major part of the process is communication with other groups and organizations that may have an interest in the bill.  SB85 is no exception to this.

Beginning in November 2015 when a draft of our bill became available, our lobbyists began sharing the draft with other organizations for their feedback.  Some organizations were quick to respond, others took a bit more time, and some did not respond.  Sometimes information has been relayed in hallway conversations between lobbyists in Frankfort.  Other times, responses have come via e-mail or telephone.

We are appreciative of the early and continuing support of the Kentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) provided us with their comments on SB85, and we have been in a continuing dialogue with them.  To address the concerns presented by ACOG, we have proposed some forthcoming changes to our bill.  We appreciate the willingness of ACOG to have these discussions.

The Kentucky Medical Association (KMA) has indicated that, since they do not have an obstetrician on their board, they will confer with ACOG regarding decisions on SB85.

Last week, we learned from the website of the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) that they have taken a stance in opposition to SB85.  We are disheartened to learn of this position via their website, especially given that numerous attempts have been made to reach out to KHA for their feedback. We continue to be open to discussions with KHA or any group, and are hopeful that KHA will allow us the opportunity to fully hear and respond to their concerns.

Message to Legislators: As you continue to contact legislators, please especially focus on contacting members of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee.  Please let them know that we are in active dialogue with ACOG and have prepared a “committee substitute” to address their concerns.  Please also let them know that we are disappointed that communication with KHA has been difficult to engage.

We are anticipating a hearing in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee as early as February 10. Read more about that here.

Find our how to contact your legislators here.