Thank you for believing in the mission of the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition.  Citizens like you from all around the Commonwealth are passionate about ensuring families have access to licensed midwives.  You ARE the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition.

During the past year you may have given your support by contacting or meeting with your state legislators, hosting regional meetings, signing our petition, sharing posts on Facebook, or traveling to Frankfort.

To continue working on your behalf, KHBC needs your support through a financial contribution.  It may sound cliché, but when we say we cannot do this without you, we mean it!  

Volunteers in Frankfort

KHBC volunteers in Frankfort

In order to be as effective as possible in the next legislative session, KHBC plans to have a much greater presence in Frankfort.  As we have learned how to make the most of the legislative process in Kentucky, the number one piece of advice we have received from lobbyists and lawmakers has been to have a KHBC representative present in Frankfort as much as possible during the legislative session.  This means that a KHBC volunteer will be giving up lots of personal time to be in Frankfort in addition to her many other current contributions.

Our budget goal for 2013-14 is $10,000.  For a small organization like KHBC this sounds like a lot.  But, compared to other groups that employ professional lobbyists, it is a meager amount.  Here is our budget breakdown:

Administrator Stipend…..$6000
Website/tech costs…………$500
Special Events……………….$500

If you have questions about the budget, let us know.

So please make a donation of $10, $50, $100 or more.  Plan a fundraiser.  Ask your friends and family to donate.

Donations by check may be mailed to:

Kentucky Home Birth Coalition
907 Wagner Ave
Louisville, KY  40217

Please donate now!