Our online fundraising auction starts on November 14th!

We plan to introduce a bill to the Kentucky state legislature in January 2016.  Our auction proceeds will fund a lobbyist to help our bill successfully move through the House and Senate and be enacted into law.

We pursue this goal in order to:

  • ensure the health and well-being of Kentucky families that choose out-of-hospital birth
  • expand access to the evidence-based, quality maternity care provided by CPMs
  • protect the rights of Kentucky women to choose their place of birth and birth attendants
  • support all midwives (CPMs, CNMs) as autonomous care providers in all settings

Our KHBC volunteers are busy listing the items on the auction site, but we can’t contain our excitement!  Check out just a few of the items available for bidding!

Mei Tai Style Doll Carrier – Seven Dwarves Starting Bid: $10

Chunky Monkey Water Ring Sling, Size Small/Medium Starting Bid: $17

Knit Sweater and Hat Set, 9 Month size. Starting Bid $12

Mei Tai Baby/Toddler Carrier Starting Bid: $25