20 Reasons to Love Home Birth

Oh home birth, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: 1. You don’t have to wonder when is the right time to leave. “Contractions are 3 minutes apart.. is it time to go?!” 2. You don’t have to worry about an overly germy environment or super-bugs. No one wants HA-MRSA *shudders* 3. You can eat and drink freely. “I need a fried egg sandwich..now!” 4. You can wear your own clothes or no clothes at all. One of…

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Why I (Initially) Said NO! To Home Birth: A Dad’s Journey

The answer all of us, at some point, have given without further discussion: NO! Why is that? My best assessment is because it’s easy. It’s the path of least resistance. Instead of stepping outside of our comfort zone, we resign ourselves to the fact that it’s just easier to avoid or disregard the issue at hand. Now, this answer is perhaps the single most negative syllable in our language and it is certainly the most complex to dissect, because there…

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House Health & Welfare Hearing Recap

Our house bill, HB 578, was before the House Health & Welfare Committee today. We were anticipating a vote, but late yesterday afternoon our bill was modified to being heard for “discussion only” today, meaning no vote was taken. We had great turnout from supporters from across the state, and legislators took notice! There were many positive comments. You can watch the testimony from today here starting at 1:08:14.  

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