Update for February 8, 2016

When navigating a bill through the legislative process, there is more to be done than contact legislators (although that is a huge part!).  Another major part of the process is communication with other groups and organizations that may have an interest in the bill.  SB85 is no exception to this. Beginning in November 2015 when a draft of our bill became available, our lobbyists began sharing the draft with other organizations for their feedback.  Some organizations were quick to respond,…

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KHBC Etsy shop is open!

We are pleased to announce that our KHBC Etsy shop is now open! Thanks so much to Susan Kennedy for her handiwork and for taking the lead on this project. Check out our shop, Pretty Peaceful, buy a beautiful handmade item and all the proceeds will go to benefit KHBC. Thanks for your support.    

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A look back at our first year.

It has been over a year since Kentucky Home Birth Coalition was born and we began to lay the groundwork to license Certified Professional Midwives in Kentucky. I have spent more time in front of my computer than I have ever wanted to; learning social media, maintaining the website, creating a database of all our supporters, and making contact with many of you. I also had the pleasure of getting out from behind the computer and into the real world.…

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