2013 was quite a year for the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition.  We learned a great deal from our first experience of securing a bill sponsor and having a bill introduced in the Kentucky Senate, meeting with legislators, and funding our efforts.  With that

Volunteers in Frankfort

KHBC volunteers in Frankfort

experience under our belts, the steering committee examined how we can best focus our energy in 2014 to make the most progress toward our goal.

After consulting with our bill sponsor and other legislators, everyone agreed that the focus of 2014 should be fundraising.  Our primary goal will be to fund the hiring of a lobbyist for the 2015 legislative session.

Why a Lobbyist?

As we talked with political activists, legislators, and pretty much anyone who understands how things work at the state capitol, we kept hearing the same piece of advice over and over.  To be successful, we must have a regular, on-going presence in Frankfort.  While several KHBC volunteers did make many trips to Frankfort during the 2013 session, it was clear that this was not enough.  And since the vast majority of our volunteers are either mothers of small children, midwives, live too far from Frankfort, or any combination of those things, a dedicated lobbyist simply makes the most sense.

What’s Next?

KHBC steering committee members are currently in the process of talking with potential lobbyists and gathering data on costs.  As soon as we have the final numbers, we will calculate our funding need and get to work on meeting that target.  Make no mistake, we will need your help to do this.  KHBC is nothing more than volunteers who are dedicated to a cause.  Our main source of funding is you, our supporters.  If you would like to help further the mission of KHBC in your area, please contact us to find out how to become a community liaison.

Our full intent is to have our bill reintroduced in the state Senate in 2015.  We also will be working to find a bill sponsor in the House so that it can be simultaneously introduced in both chambers.  With the added expertise of a lobbyist, we are confident that our bill to license Certified Professional Midwives will gain traction in 2015.

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