Meet Our Volunteers: Kimberly

My name is Kimberly Henderson, and I’m a new arrival in Kentucky from the Finger Lakes Region of New York. I have no biological children as of yet, but I have two beautiful soon-to-be step-sons; Stuart, who is two, and Joel, who is four. I am a nurse, and a long-time doula and birth activist. My partner, Anders, and I live on a beautiful farm in Northeastern Kentucky. We have an fledgling herbal business, Elderflower Herbs. Anders and I have…

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Meet Our Volunteers: Susan

My name is Susan Kennedy and I am a mother of two young boys in Louisville, KY.  We moved to Louisville, my husband’s home town, shortly after the birth of my first son 6 years ago. I was pleased with Louisville’s independent spirit, its friendly community of like-minded mamas, and the prevalence of neighborhood parks and yoga studios.  In the four years between my first son’s birth and my second pregnancy, I heard little about midwifery in Kentucky.  After searching…

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