Thank you to Carolina for sharing the 2011 Kentucky home birth story of Hazel.  Hazel was born in Pikeville, KY.  Her full birth story is on Carolina’s blog, Life Through the Looking Glass, so click on over there to read the whole thing!
“Few things in my life have had an impact as profound as the birth of my daughter. Hazel May came into this world quickly, after weeks of prodromal labor and 9 months of an uncomfortable pregnancy. She is our third child fonte dell’articolo…my third birth. I vividly remember the day I saw the faint line indicting a positive pregnancy test. It was an affirmation. Just a month before, I felt it. I knew there was another soul waiting to join our family. Cory (my husband) and I inquired about the international adoption process. I requested information on a special needs program through Ethiopia and submitted some information to an agency…and there I sat weeks later, staring at the faint pink line, analyzing the depth of its color, wishing it was a guarantee that in 9 months, this faint line would be a perfect, healthy baby. My stomach churned with worry.”