Action Item ONE

 Thank the Senate Health & Welfare Committee members who voted YES
– via Twitter
– via Facebook
phone message
handwritten letter
– all of the above

Sen. Alvarado – No
Sen. Buford – Yes
Sen. Danny Carroll – No
Sen. J. Carrol – Yes
Sen. Kerr – Yes
Sen. Givens – Yes
Sen. Thomas – Yes
Sen. Wise – Yes
Sen. Adams – Yes
Sen. Harper Angel – Yes
Sen. Higdon – Yes

Action Item TWO

Ask Senate Rules Committee to bring SB85 to a floor vote

– via Twitter or Facebook
– phone message:
Call the Legislative Message Line and leave a message for all members of the Senate Rules Committee.

1. Call 1-800-372-7181
2. Say that you would like to leave a message for ALL members of the SENATE Rules Committee.
3. If this is your first time to call, the operator will ask for your address.
4. Your message is: “Please Support SB85 and help it be heard on the Senate Floor.”

– meet in person (if you live in district)
– all of the above

Senate Rules Call

Action Item THREE

Focus on getting meetings with all of the remaining Senators across the state.

– if you live in the district, Schedule a meeting in person. Don’t worry – we’ll go with you!
Learn How To Contact your Senator & Set up a Meeting here.
– join us Tuesday in Frankfort for our Second Lobbying Day
– via Twitter or Facebook
– phone message
– all of the above

IF your Senator doesn’t have a star, then we’ve not had a meeting.


Action Item FOUR

Write a letter to the Editor of your local paper.

– Talk about SB85
– praise any Health & Welfare Committee Senators who live in the readership areas who voted YES