Erin Vest

Kami’s Birth Story

Thank you, Kim, for sharing your Kentucky Home Birth Story! My first child was born in June 2009 in a teaching hospital in St. Louis, MO. The experience was so traumatic that I swore I would never have another baby in a hospital ever again. A year later when I became pregnant with my daughter, we were living in Kentucky. I looked for a birth center but soon found out there were no birth centers in Kentucky. I then met…

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Lobbying Day #3

KHBC is holding another lobbying day in Frankfort! We will be meeting face to face with legislators to discuss SB85 & HB578. Our specific focus for this lobbying day will be Men for Midwives. While we absolutely still want all women, kids, and babies to attend, we also want legislators to see that men also care about this issue. We want all dads, grandpas, brothers, uncles, sons, friends, all men to attend and talk to legislators about SB85 and HB578.…

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We have news….

Today, House Bill 578 was introduced. What is HB578? House Bill 578, or “HB578” is what is known as a “companion bill” to Senate Bill 85.  Both bills have essentially identical content, but HB578 is starting in the House of Representatives, whereas SB85 began in the Senate. Why two bills? Having two bills gives us two “chances” to pass legislation.  Each bill has to pass through its respective starting chamber (which can involve several steps along the way, as we’ve…

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