KHBC is holding another lobbying day in Frankfort!

Lobby Day 3

We will be meeting face to face with legislators to discuss SB85 & HB578. Our specific focus for this lobbying day will be Men for Midwives. While we absolutely still want all women, kids, and babies to attend, we also want legislators to see that men also care about this issue. We want all dads, grandpas, brothers, uncles, sons, friends, all men to attend and talk to legislators about SB85 and HB578.

We want as many supporters as possible from all across the state to join us. Invite your friends! You do not have to have had a home birth or have a specific home birth connection to attend.

This is the perfect time to meet with your legislator and have support with you, including steering committee members and/or members of our lobbying team. Let KHBC be your Frankfort-Doula when you meet with your elected officials!

Join us in the Capitol Annex Building (directly behind the Capitol) Room 131 – this room will be our “home base.” Please watch  our facebook event page for updates in case our room changes! This room is reserved until 11:00am, but you can meet with your legislators up until about 1pm when they typically all go into caucus meetings for the day. There is a cafeteria in the annex where you can get lunch.

* We will have resources to prepare you!

* We will go with you to your meeting!



 1.  Call and Schedule

It is best for YOU to call and schedule a meeting with your own personal legislators. Our focus for now will still be on meeting with Senators, particularly those we have not yet reached. If our bill has passed the Senate by March 8, we will need to just focus on members of the House.

However, you can schedule with both your Senator and your House Representative, since we will also need support in the house when our bill gets there.

Find your legislators here:

Call 502-564-8100 and ask the operator for the person you want to schedule with. You will then be connected to someone in their office.

Once connected, you can say the following:

“I will be in Frankfort on March 8. I am a constituent of Senator __________ and Representative _______, and I would like to both of them on that day. I only need about 10 minutes with each of them.”

They may say the person has no availability, or they give you a time suggestion. If you cannot arrive as early as the time they give you, tell the person that. They will generally ask what the meeting is regarding. Your answer is Senate Bill 85 and House Bill 578.


Check our facebook event page (scroll to the bottom of the info section) to see if there is a Scheduled Meeting Times with your Senator or Representative.  If you are in one of these districts, you can join one of the already scheduled meetings!