Today, House Bill 578 was introduced.


What is HB578?

House Bill 578, or “HB578” is what is known as a “companion bill” to Senate Bill 85.  Both bills have essentially identical content, but HB578 is starting in the House of Representatives, whereas SB85 began in the Senate.

Why two bills?

Having two bills gives us two “chances” to pass legislation.  Each bill has to pass through its respective starting chamber (which can involve several steps along the way, as we’ve already seen with SB85), then go to the opposite chamber for approval.

Should I contact my Representative?

YES! Start contacting your House Representative immediately.  Ask for their support and co-sponsorship of HB578.  If you speak directly with or meet with your Rep, you can mention that we also have a Senate companion bill and reference its status.  Learn more about SB85 here.

Both bills are active, and we will be working to advance both bills to increase our chances for success!  Please contact us with any questions.